How Do I Get Unlimited Wi-Fi On The Road? – Internet For RVers

Like many other full-time RVers, I’m always working while I travel.  For those of us who live in campgrounds, state parks, or national parks, getting reliable wi-fi service used to be nearly impossible!  Most RV parks offer wi-fi, but it’s usually not very fast or reliable due to the number of people using it simultaneously.  The other option is to use your phone as a hot spot.  The problem is that even if you have an “unlimited” plan, your provider will usually throttle (slow down) your service after you use a certain amount of data.

I recently discovered a solution to this problem with Impact Wireless.  Impact offers truly unlimited 4G LTE wi-fi for $79.99 a month with no contract…you can cancel any time.  When I say “truly unlimited”, I mean they DO NOT throttle or slow down your service if you use too much data.  You can watch HOURS of Netflix without getting punished!

This service is perfect for full-time RVers, truck drivers, service-based businesses who process credit card transactions at the customer’s location, or anyone who lives in a rural area where high speed internet service is not available.  I have been using Impact Wireless for a little over a year, and so far I’ve been very impressed!  Their customer service is awesome and the service has been good in most of the areas where I have traveled (and I’ve stayed in some very small towns and state parks in the middle of nowhere!).  In most places, I can stream Netflix or Sling on my TV and work on my laptop at the same time with no problems.  It’s also great for international travelers because it works in 140+ countries.

Impact uses the T-Mobile network, so you may want to check their coverage map before signing up to make sure they have towers in your area.  If you need wi-fi on the road or if you live in an area that doesn’t have a good internet option, I think Impact Wireless will solve your problems!


Disclaimer:  Yes, I receive a commission for every sale made through this link, so I’d appreciate it if you’d help me with gas money for my next road trip 🙂

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