I am the founder and co-owner of two vacation photography businesses, Shore Shooters Beach Photography and Mountain Escape Photography.  These businesses provide family portraits and wedding photography for tourists visiting or getting married in vacation destinations throughout the U.S.

Shore Shooters and Mountain Escape provide jobs for photographers by contracting the work out to local photographers in the areas we serve.  We handle the scheduling, collect the money, edit the pictures, and get the finished product to the client.  The photographers set their own availability, so they can work as much or as little as they want.  Even if you already have your own successful photography business, we can fill the gaps in your schedule.

My business partner, April Loyle, has spent the past 15 years photographing weddings all over the world.  She is one of those people with a God-given talent for photography.  She trains all of our photographers in her style of photography.  So when you shoot for us, you’re not just making extra money, you’re also getting valuable training from an experienced, well-known photographer.   We also host workshops and retreats where our photographers get together and learn from each other.

If you are an experienced photographer who is interested in working with us, please fill out our application at AprilLoyle.com/application

Need Help With Your Own Photography Business?

Shore Shooters and Mountain Escape work with more than 2,000 clients every year, so it gets pretty hectic around our office during the peak tourist season! With this volume of business, it is very important to have an organized system. Through years of trial and error, our office staff and I have developed a system that not only keeps our businesses organized, but also allows our entire team to work remotely.

Regardless of how many clients you work with, it’s important to keep your business organized and legal. If you are a “100% creative” who gets stressed out at the thought of anything “business” related, I can help! Here’s what is included in my $99 Photography Business Tune-Up:

  • I’ll check local regulations for your city, county, and state to make sure you have the proper business licenses, permits for public parks, and help you set up a sales tax account if you are required to charge sales tax.
  • I’ll give you advice to help optimize your website so you’ll move up in search rankings.
  • I’ll recommend and help you set up software programs to automate your appointment scheduling and client proofing.
  • I’ll help you set up your financial software to keep track of expenses and sales.

With this help, you’ll be able to spend less time being a business owner and more time behind the camera! For more information, just send me an email to ron@ronwainscott.com